New Summit Announces Investment in Black Opal Ventures: Pioneering the Future of Health-Tech

New Summit is proud to announce our newest investment in Black Opal Ventures, a visionary healthcare technology venture capital firm co-founded by Dr. Tara Bishop and Eileen Tanghal. As champions of innovation and disruptors in their fields, Black Opal Ventures aims to transform the healthcare industry by focusing on the nexus of healthcare and advanced technology.

Since its inception, Black Opal Ventures has set its sights on leveraging technology to address major challenges in the healthcare sector, from tackling undiagnosed diseases to streamlining medical processes. With global healthcare expenditure nearing $9 trillion, the fund recognizes the substantial gaps that still exist in areas such as healthcare access, quality, and affordability.

Dr. Tara Bishop (pictured above) and Eileen Tanghal, both MIT alumnae, bring a potent mix of medical proficiency and venture capital acumen to Black Opal Ventures. With their combined decades of experience, they’re uniquely positioned to identify and nurture startups that share their mission. The firm has already invested in promising companies pushing boundaries in areas like oncology, neurology, and digital health.

What excites us about Black Opal Ventures is not just their focus on healthcare technology but also their emphasis on inclusivity, diversity, and broader social impact. As a female-led venture capital outfit, Black Opal Ventures stands out in an industry that’s often seen as monolithic. Their approach, which combines depth of expertise with an inclusive focus, aligns seamlessly with New Summit’s ethos of investing in ventures that prioritize societal impact.

This collaboration represents New Summit’s continued commitment to our impact investment strategy. By supporting trailblazing firms like Black Opal Ventures, we’re staying true to our vision of fostering sustainable, equitable, and forward-thinking solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges.