Celebrating Success: New Summit Investments Annual Retreat

The New Summit team is still glowing as we reflect on our Annual Retreat, held last week at the Garrison Institute, nestled in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley. This was our first return to in-person events since the pandemic disrupted our retreat scheduled for May 2020.

This year’s retreat included attendees from our investor community, dedicated fund managers, and enthusiastic ecosystem partners from the impact investing community. A special note of thanks goes out to our special guest speakers who enriched the event with their knowledge and wisdom.

The Retreat began on a high note with a compelling fireside chat. Our esteemed guest, Patience Marime-Ball, the CEO of Women of the World Endowment, engaged in a conversation with Natasha Lamb, Managing Partner at New Summit Investments. Patience and Natasha discussed gender lens investing, including insights from Patience’s co-authored book, The XX Edge. An excerpt from their conversation is below.

The retreat’s second day was marked by a group-wide discussion about incorporating compassion in finance. This session was co-facilitated by Karen Doyle-Grossman, Garrison Institute’s Executive Director, and Jonathan Rose, the Board Chair of the Garrison Institute. It was heartening to witness the synergy between these thought leaders as they provided a preview of Garrison’s Compassionate Leadership in Finance program.

Day two also featured a presentation about New Summit’s latest fund strategy, a case study showcasing a portfolio company from Buoyant Ventures, and an evening conversation about the latest strategies to increase the number of people interested in impact investing.

Beyond the presentations and discussions, there was ample time for socializing and networking. We were delightful to welcome people from all across the country, some flying in from the west coast. The retreat provided an ideal platform for nurturing new relationships, strengthening old bonds, and challenging our learning edges about private market impact investing.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the team at the Garrison Institute for their exceptional hospitality. Not only did they provide us with an exquisite venue, but they also seemed to have arranged perfect weather for us, allowing for a truly memorable experience.

Looking back, this Retreat symbolizes a significant milestone for New Summit Investments as it marked our first successful retreat post-pandemic. It served as a testament to our resilience, commitment to our partners, and continued zeal to make a positive impact through investing. We eagerly anticipate next year’s retreat, and hope to see you there!


Casey Dilloway, MBA

Managing Director

Casey is a Managing Director at New Summit Investments, leading investment analysis and reporting, partnership development, fundraising, and communications.

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