Fostering a Greener Future: New Summit’s Latest Investment with Arborview Capital

We are excited to announce New Summit Investments’ latest investment in Arborview Capital Partner’s Fund III, a visionary venture capital fund pioneering the transition to a sustainable economy. As we continue to commit to our mission of driving impactful change in the world, we are thrilled to collaborate with a fund that aligns so well with our core values.

Founded in 2008 by sustainability trailblazers Karl Khoury and Joe Lipscomb, Arborview Capital is anchored in the conviction that sustainability is not just a trend, but an enduring evolution of societal and economic structures. Based in the Washington DC area, Arborview has consistently demonstrated its commitment to investing in growth-stage, mission-driven companies, primarily in North America.

Arborview’s strategic areas of focus encapsulate four significant categories: Energy, Water, Materials, and Food and Agriculture. By targeting these sectors, they aim to reduce CO2 emissions, optimize water usage, lighten society’s footprint by curbing landfill usage, and promote cleaner, more sustainably sourced food. This comprehensive approach is a testament to their commitment to environmental impact.

This collaboration marks our ninth investment from New Summit Impact Fund III and reiterates our dedication to supporting ventures focused on environmental and social impact. We believe in Arborview’s mission and their potential to drive meaningful change in the industry and the wider world. As they embark on their third fund, we are confident our investment will fuel their growth and multiply their impact in the crucial transition towards a cleaner and sustainable economy.

We want to extend our warm congratulations and support to the Arborview team as we venture into this collaboration.


Alexandra Ellis


Alex is a Partner at New Summit Investments, leading private market research, investment manager sourcing, and due diligence.

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