New Summit Announces Investment in ArcTern Ventures, a Leader in Climate Tech Innovation

New Summit Investments is excited to announce our investment in ArcTern Ventures, an innovative venture capital firm committed to solving the climate crisis through its investments. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Toronto, with additional offices in San Francisco and Oslo, ArcTern Ventures has been investing in climate technology companies for over a decade.

ArcTern’s leadership team is comprised of former operators in climate, technology and energy businesses, providing their team with deep knowledge and networks. ArcTern focuses on investing in technology enabled startups that have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact. As a firm that aligns closely with New Summit’s climate investment pillar, ArcTern’s approach to sustainability is deeply integrated into every investment decision.

ArcTern takes a rigorous approach to measuring the carbon abatement potential of investment targets, with the goal of investing capital in the most effective solutions and of lowering the cost of carbon abatement as companies scale. Their investment philosophy is grounded in the belief that accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy will not only disrupt industries but also offer unparalleled opportunities for financial returns.

ArcTern Ventures invests across several key sectors that are vital to a sustainable future, including:

  • Energy and electricity: Decarbonization of energy generation and use.
  • Clean industry: Decarbonization of industrial processes through innovation in manufacturing and materials.
  • Transportation and mobility: Electrification of the movement of people and things.
  • Food systems: Emissions reduction across the food supply chain, from farm to fork.
  • Nature: Optimization of natural resource use and reduction of harmful waste outputs; reversal of damage.


With this partnership, New Summit is thrilled to join forces with ArcTern Ventures. Their track record in nurturing early-stage technology startups in these crucial sectors aligns with our mission to invest in solutions that offer both environmental and economic benefits. We are confident that our collaboration with ArcTern will play a significant role in fostering the development of transformative technologies and contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous future for our planet.

Join us as we celebrate this exciting partnership with ArcTern Ventures, making strides towards a more sustainable world through innovative and impactful investments.


Alexandra Ellis


Alex is a Partner at New Summit Investments, leading private market research, investment manager sourcing, and due diligence.

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