New Summit Announces Investment in Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure

We are excited to announce our latest investment in Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure (KSI), a leading development and finance firm that manages investments into impact-producing real assets such as solar, storage, and water resource projects.



KSI has a strong track record of delivering reliable cash flows through its investments in renewable energy infrastructure. We are impressed with KSI’s deep experience in infrastructure and energy markets. They take a long-term approach to investments, while minimizing risk in this non-correlated and growing asset class.

KSI’s focus on solar development projects, particularly their integration of community solar, aligns with our investment philosophy and our mission to drive positive impact both for people and the planet.

As the energy transition gains momentum, we see this as a tremendous opportunity for everyone involved. By changing the way people get electricity and manage water, we can foster a cleaner and more resilient future, improving the quality of life for households, businesses, and communities.

Our investment in KSI represents additional capital flowing toward solar energy projects, creating more opportunities, and accelerating the growth of renewable energy. We are committed to driving positive environmental and social outcomes with our investments, and our investment in KSI reflects our dedication to addressing the overall impact of climate change.


Alexandra Ellis


Alex is a Partner at New Summit Investments, leading private market research, investment manager sourcing, and due diligence.

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