New Summit Partners with Active Impact Investments to Accelerate Climate Tech Ventures 

New Summit is excited to announce our recent investment in Active Impact Investments, one of Canada’s largest and fastest-growing climate tech seed funds. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and established in 2018, Active Impact Investments is a Certified B Corp with a mission to foster environmental sustainability through market-rate investments.

Active Impact Investments specializes in providing both capital and expertise to catalyze the growth of early-stage ventures focused on transitioning from finite to infinite sources of energy, food, water, and products. With over $100 million in assets under management across three limited partnership funds, they are at the forefront of empowering companies with the potential to address some of the world’s most urgent environmental challenges.

This partnership aligns with New Summit’s commitment to environmental and social impact. We are particularly impressed by Active Impact Investments’ hands-on approach to aiding technical founders. Their focus on professional sales infrastructure, and talent recruitment and engagement, is a testament to their dedication to not just fund but also foster the growth of their portfolio companies.

Active Impact Investments’ portfolio showcases an array of promising early-stage companies, each with revenues between $200K to $3M and significant growth potential. Their strategy of enhancing these teams with repeatable systems for scale, access to the best talent, and operational support is designed to scale solutions faster and more effectively.

We are inspired by the work Active Impact Investments is doing with some of the best founders in North America. Their relentless pursuit of solutions for a healthier planet aligns with our vision of investing in sustainable, profitable ventures. The impressive growth of their portfolio companies as the world becomes more aware of climate urgency is a clear indicator of their impact and success.

Our investment in Active Impact Investments aligns with our goal of pursuing market-rate returns by investing in solutions for the most urgent environmental challenges.

Together, New Summit and Active Impact Investments are poised to make a substantial impact in the world of climate tech. We are excited to support and participate in their journey to creating sustainable, profitable, and impactful change for our planet.


Alexandra Ellis


Alex is a Partner at New Summit Investments, leading private market research, investment manager sourcing, and due diligence.

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