Our latest investment with Firework Ventures

We are excited to announce New Summit’s latest investment in Firework Ventures, a leading early-stage venture capital firm investing in human-centered future of work startups. Firework Ventures is committed to driving economic and social mobility through its investments in the future of work.

Firework defines the future of work as “technology that creates access and opportunity and drives economic and social mobility.” The firm invests across four main verticals to achieve this goal: Education Technology, Human Resource Technology, Financial Technology, and the Care Economy. Through these investments, Firework is helping to create a future of work that is more equitable, sustainable, and accessible for all.

Led by managing partners Ashley Bittner and Brigette Lau, Firework has become the leading fund in this space with a deep impact angle of technology that drives economic and social mobility. The partners’ complementary skill sets bring a unique perspective to investing and firm building.

New Summit Investments is proud to support Firework Ventures’ mission and its efforts to drive positive social and economic change through impact investing. We look forward to working with Ashley, Brigette, and the Firework team to support their portfolio companies as they strive to create a more equitable and just future of work.


Alexandra Ellis


Alex is a Partner at New Summit Investments, leading private market research, investment manager sourcing, and due diligence.

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