Webinar Series featuring Founders First Capital Partners

Our latest webinar featured an interview with the Founder and CEO of Founders First Capital Partners, Kim Folsom. Founders First has been a part of New Summit Investments’ Income & Impact Fund since 2022.

Founders First uses revenue-based financing to provide capital to diverse small businesses. Revenue-based financing differs from standard loans that have fixed monthly payments. In this approach, the repayment of a loan is tied to a fixed percentage of the business’s revenue. This method allows for quicker loan repayment when the business experiences rapid growth, as higher revenues lead to larger repayments. Conversely, during periods when revenue is lower, such as slower times of the year, the repayments decrease accordingly, providing financial flexibility to the business.

During the webinar, Casey Dilloway and Alexandra Ellis discussed why Founders First is such a helpful partner for diverse entrepreneurs. We also touched on the research surrounding the financial performance of diverse-led companies, and how Kim thinks about this in the context of Founders First’s positive social impact.

You can watch a recording of the webinar below:

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Casey Dilloway, MBA

Managing Director

Casey is a Managing Director at New Summit Investments, leading investment analysis and reporting, partnership development, fundraising, and communications.

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